Global Security Stewarding has long standing relationships with many football clubs across the country. Our team make it their mission to supply you with high quality security personnel to match your needs from a full scale team of stewards, security staff and management for a stadium right down to a small scale community match.

Every stadium and sporting event is different and we can supply all or any combination of the following teams:


Our management team will work closely with any venue to customize a security plan to suit your event, be it football, athletics, racing or concerts. They will look closely at optimizing ingress and egress from the grounds to ensure that your fans can enter and exit both quickly and safely, enhancing their overall experience. Our managers will work with the stadium team to create a handbook or all of our staff detailing the history of the club and the rules and regulations of the stadium.


This team of qualified and experienced operators provide constant monitoring of your stadiums CCTV feed enabling them to recognize any potential issues before they are allowed to escalate. They can communicate instantly with the security team in the stadium and liaise with the emergency services to ensure the safety of everyone attending your event.


Global Security Stewarding’s field of play teams are highly qualified and experienced SIA badge holders. They are the last line of protection between the crowd and your players and athletes. By spotting adverse behaviour in the crowd they can prevent any major situations before they arise.


All of our SIA licenced staff undergo strict screening in keeping with BS 7858. They are your stadiums front line for safety and customer care. From conducting bag searches to perimeter security our SIA staff will always act in a professional manner and ensure that your customers leave having had a positive experience.


Our event stewards are right there on the ground interacting with your customers offering friendly advice and assistance. Throughout your event our trained stewards will assist in a variety of roles from manning entrances and checking tickets to assisting in emergency procedures and giving general advice to your customers.


Our corporate hospitality team are smartly presented, well-spoken trained security operatives. The privacy and safety of your most important clients is always our top priority and we strive to deliver a top class service.


We can provide you with a traffic control team who will take responsibility for all aspects of traffic management. They will direct traffic in your stadium parking area as well as managing access around the stadium making sure that emergency vehicle access is maintained at all times.